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Certified Pre-Owned XRF LIBS & OES Analyzers from AMERICA'S #1 RESELLER
Certified Pre-Owned XRF LIBS & OES Analyzers from AMERICA'S #1 RESELLER



Inspecting the metals makeup of incoming and outgoing components is a critical task for countless companies. It’s a quality control necessity in metal producing, processing, recycling, service contracting, and more. Metal alloys must be accurately tested, identified, and verified based on defined chemical composition. Mistakes matter. An alloy mixup at the shipping dock or on the factory floor can cause an inconvenient batch rework — or a lost contract.
  • Unlike handheld XRF, accurately analyzes elements like C, P, S, B, Li, Be, Ca, Si, Mg, and Al even at low and critical levels, in only a maximum of 10s.
  • Consistent results with unique new iCAL 2.0 one sample standardization combined with the self-adjusting optical system – resilient to ambient temperature changes and saves on average 30 minutes per day.
  • Effortless point-and-shoot analysis, battery-powered operation – up to 800 measurements on a single charge.

Make: Spectro

Model: SpectroTest TXC 03

S/N: 17001420

Instrument Number: 147947

SKU#: 407

Condition: Used


Calibrations: Iron

Mfr. Date: 03/17/2017

Password: None

Price: $21,990