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Certified Pre-Owned XRF LIBS & OES Analyzers from AMERICA'S #1 RESELLER
Certified Pre-Owned XRF LIBS & OES Analyzers from AMERICA'S #1 RESELLER

Soil and Environmental HandHeld XRF RENTAL Analyzer - Niton XL3T 970


Rent the Thermo Scientific Niton XL3t 970 Handheld XRF Analyzer Gun for Soil & Environmental Applications - Affordable Monthly Rates Below:

๐Ÿ“ž Contact Alessandro at 832-808-1207 or to initiate your rental today:

Weekly Rental Rate - $1295 Biweekly Rental Rate - $2495 Monthly Rental Rate - $3995

What Comes with the Rental:

Handheld Thermo Scientific Niton XL3T 970 (1) Battery for Thermo Scientific XL3T 970 Battery Charger for Thermo Scientific Niton XL3T 970 Virtual or Video Quick Start Training Free Technical or Application Support with Trained Engineers

Brand: Thermo Niton Product: Thermo Niton XL3T 970 Handheld XRF Application: Environmental/Soil Technology: XRF Certified Environmental/Soil

Rent a cutting-edge handheld XRF analyzer for precise soil testing and metal analysis, including Cadmium testing, targeting the needs of environmental experts. XRF technology utilizes X-ray fluorescence to deliver immediate and accurate analysis of RCRA metals and priority pollutant metals. The portable XRF spectrometer enables on-site monitoring of these metals, providing real-time results while in the field.

Environmental analyzers have transformed environmental testing by offering real-time, on-site multi-elemental analysis of metals in various materials. From soil and filter media to dust wipes, thin films, paints & coatings, oils & liquids, and hazardous waste classification, XRF analyzers offer a versatile solution. Renting an XRF analyzer for environmental analysis ensures access to state-of-the-art technology without the burden of ownership costs. Our XRF Analyzer rentals empower environmental professionals to rapidly identify and quantify over 24 toxic metals simultaneously in diverse materials, ranging from soil and plastics to textiles and hazardous waste.

Soil Screening & Testing:

XRF analyzers are pivotal for swiftly identifying and quantifying metal contamination in soil. This tool excels in rapidly screening or delineating a site and provides real-time excavation control, often requiring no additional preparation.

For lab-quality quantitative results, soil samples can be prepared by drying and sieving, and tested either in the field or office. Complying with USEPA Method 6200, field portable XRF is an accepted analytical technique for regulatory compliance testing.

Key benefits of renting XRF analyzers for soil testing:

Quick Decision-Making in the Field:

XRF analyzers facilitate fast decision-making during site investigations, allowing for swift identification of delineation and contamination patterns.

Minimum Confirmatory Samples:

Minimize the need for confirmatory samples, saving time and resources, as XRF analyzers provide reliable on-the-spot results.

Avoid Confirmatory Lab Testing for High-Concentration Samples:

Reduce the dependency on confirmatory lab testing, especially for high-concentration samples, streamlining the analysis process.

Establish Contamination Boundaries:

Effectively establish contamination boundaries on-site, enabling efficient planning and remediation strategies.

Test Soil Cores for Depth Profiles:

XRF analyzers allow for the testing of soil cores to obtain depth profiles, providing a comprehensive understanding of soil composition.

Convenient Testing Stand for Bagged or Liquid Samples:

Dock into a convenient testing stand for analyzing bagged or liquid samples, enhancing flexibility in sample testing.

Defensible Data Storage:

All data is securely stored on the instrument, ensuring defensible and reliable results. The stored data can be easily downloaded for further analysis.

GPS Integration for GIS Mapping:

The GPS option integrates data for GIS mapping, enhancing the spatial understanding of contamination distribution.

Renting an XRF analyzer for environmental analysis not only ensures access to advanced technology but also provides a cost-effective solution tailored to the needs of environmental experts. Swift, on-site analysis, coupled with defensible data storage, empowers professionals to make informed decisions efficiently.