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Certified Pre-Owned XRF LIBS & OES Analyzers from AMERICA'S #1 RESELLER
Certified Pre-Owned XRF LIBS & OES Analyzers from AMERICA'S #1 RESELLER

Metal Fabrication HandHeld XRF RENTAL Analyzer - SciAps X-505


Rent the SciAps X-505 or X-550 Handheld XRF Analyzer Gun for Metal Inspection - Affordable Monthly Rates Below:

📞 Contact Alessandro at 832-808-1207 or to initiate your rental today:

  • Daily Rental Rate for the SciAps X-505 - Please call for Daily Rental Rates
  • Weekly Rental Rate for the SciAps X-505 - $995/week
  • Biweekly Rental Rate for the SciAps X-505 -  $1995/bi-weekly
  • Monthly Rental Rate for the SciAps X-505 or X-550 - $2990/month

What Comes withe the SciAps X Series Rental:

  • Handheld XRF SciAps X Series (X-5, X-505 or X-550)
  • (1) Battery for SciAps X Series (X-5, X-505, or X-550)
  • Battery Charger for SciAps X Series (X-5, X-505, or X-550)
  • Virtual or Video Quick Start Training for SciAps X Series
  • Free Technical or Application Support with Trained Engineers
  • Certified Reference Material

The SciAps X Series (X-5, X-505, and X-550) for Metal Fabrication rent or hire is available on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. The XRF Company offers same-day shipping, free technical support and flexible terms for all SciAps X Series XRF rentals.  All of our SciAps X Series x-ray flourescence analyzers guns for Metal Fabrication are calibrated, ready-to-use, feature touch screen technology and long battery lives. Don't forget, call Alessandro at 979-439-8632 or email him, to start your rental today.

Choose The XRF Company for Confidence in Renting for Metal Integrity: Our choice of guns developed with X-ray Fluorescence technology offers excellent stability, compensation for ambient conditions, and utmost safety. Trust our Rental instruments to ensure that your materials meet safety regulations, eliminating the possibility of catastrophic safety failures. Partner with us for reliable, efficient, and cost-effective metal inspection XRF Rental solutions.


Please contact Alessandro at 832-808-1207

 for SciAps X-Series availability.

The SciAps X Series for rent is a robust handheld XRF analyzer, designed to quickly and accurately display the elemental analysis of target samples from magnesium to uranium.  Whether you are testing large machined parts, scrap metal or other products, the ergonomic pistol grip and trigger design allow for all-day "point-and-shoot" analyzing of metal alloys.

Durable with the Latest Technology
The rental SciAps X Series features an integrated touch-screen color display with 50 kV X-ray Tube and Silicon Drift Detector (SDD). 

The Sciaps X Series Rental analyzer also comes with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and USB connectivity. Data can be stored internally on the instrument or a USB flash drive.

Integrated Camera
The SciAps Rental Gun has an integrated camera to provide sample visualization and accurate location of the measurement spot.

The PC software suite for controlling and communicating with the analyzer. The unit can be remotely controlled via Wi-Fi or USB so you can communicate with the instrument and manipulate data. Included are a report generator, spectrum viewer, grade table editor and the ability to install software & calibration updates.

Application Packages:  Metal Fabrication & PMI Testing

Metals Alloy Fabrication & PMI Testing
  • Alloys with Light Elements (2) - Includes type specific calibrations for stainless steels, tool steels, low alloy steels, nickel alloys, cobalt alloys, copper alloys, zinc alloys, light (Al, Mg and Ti) alloys and general calibration for all other alloy types. Includes 316 SS Alloy check sample. Multiple Alloy Grade Libraries which are user editable and expandable. Capable of low Pb in Cu, Brass according to US Safe Drinking Water Act.


📞 Contact Alessandro at  832-808-1207 to initiate your rental today: