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Certified Pre-Owned XRF LIBS & OES Analyzers from AMERICA'S #1 RESELLER
Certified Pre-Owned XRF LIBS & OES Analyzers from AMERICA'S #1 RESELLER

Used CPO Hitachi Vulcan Smart Handheld LIBS LASER Gun with Camera for PMI & Scrap Metal Recycling: Stainless Steel + Low Alloy Steel + Nickel + Copper + Titanium + Cobalt Alloys. (SKU #307)

SKU #307

XRF Certified Preowned - Used Hitachi Vulcan Smart+ Handheld LIBS LASER Analyzer with Camera for Scrap Metal Recycling & PMI Testing of Stainless Steel + Low Alloy Steel + Titanium + Nickel + Cobalt + Copper Alloys

Items Included:
  • Hitachi Vulcan Smart Hard Carrying Case
  • Handheld LIBS LASER OES Analyzer - XRF Company Hitachi LIBS Laser OES Analyzer PMI  & Scrap Metal Recycle Gun
  • (1) Battery for Hitachi Vulcan Smart+ 
  • Battery Charger for Vulcan Smart+ .
  • Integrated Camera

 Handheld LIBS Analyzer for Scrap Metal Recycling

Vulcan Smart Handheld LIBS analyzer can help you with metal recycling and scrap sorting.

  • Accurate grade ID in just 1 second
  • No hassle with state registration or radiation licenses and time consuming training classes
  • Built to withstand even the harshest environments
  • The samples can be held in hand safely
  • Real-time reporting and instant data sharing with Android app and cloud service
Handheld LIBS Analyzer for QC Metal Fabrication Material ID & PMI Testing/Inspection

Vulcan Smart Handheld LIBS Laser Analyzers for QA/QC Find out how Vulcan LIBS analyzer is used for Quality Assurance/Quality Control.
  • Rapid verification of incoming material, controlling warehouse inventories and factory floor quality control
  • Reliable grade ID in one second
  • Extensive set of calibrations covers all common alloy types – heavy and light
  • Measure even the smallest components conveniently in hand
  • Real-time reporting and instant data sharing with our Android app and cloud service

Vulcan smart is one of the world’s fastest handheld tools available
to analyse and identify metal alloys. It provides full chemistry and
grade identification in just one second including all the common
stainless steels, nickel alloys and much more. The instrument is
highly rugged meeting IP54 and MIL-STD810G standards and has
very low operating cost over the years.

When Wi-Fi is available, Vulcan Smart connects to Hitachi High-
Technology’s cloud based data storage and management service
making analysis results available in real time from any computer,

Make: Hitachi

Model: Vulcan Smart

S/N: 930107

SKU#: 307

Condition: Used CPO

Features: Camera

Calibrations: Alloy

Manufacture Date: 05/2021

Price: $13,990