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Certified Pre-Owned XRF LIBS & OES Analyzers from AMERICA'S #1 RESELLER
Certified Pre-Owned XRF LIBS & OES Analyzers from AMERICA'S #1 RESELLER

Scrap Metal

Fact: You are losing money if you aren't testing your scrap!

Stop giving money to the mills and foundries.

Identify your scrap. Upgrade your scrap. Make more money from your scrap.

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Handheld XRF

Handheld XRF analyzers have boundless capabilities. Whether you want to know the elemental composition of solids, liquids, or sludges, we have an XRF analyzer to fit your needs.

Handheld LIBS

Handheld LIBS technology is capable of analyzing any periodic table element. With that wide range you need a spectrometer that is highly sensitive and accurate.

Benchtop OES

The Benchoptop OES is perfect when you need quick and efficient analysis of your solid metallic samples. No scrap recycler or dealer should be without one.

Oil and Gas Decommissioning

Decommissioning oil and gas installations can be a costly and lengthly process. Let us help you to properly and efficiently decommission your scrap metal.

Auto Salvage

For quality auto salvage, we have refined our salvage and testing process to be able to provide a diverse and trusted inventory to satisfy any part need you should have.

Railroad Recycling

Whether you should need new grinding bits or grates for your railroad recycling, or help with the process itself, we have all the tools and services to help you get the job done.


We help you to decommission, process, and recycle your ship yard scrap metal. From rails and plates to machinery itself, we accurately and responsibly handle your scrap metal needs.

Steel Mills & Foundaries

We provide home, prompt, and obsolete scrap metals to steel mills and foundries so that they can keep running sustainably and cost-efficiently. We provide both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Alloy Verification Standards Sets


Stainless Steel

Low Alloy Steel

Carbon Steel

Chrome Steels

Nickel Steels











Alloy Verification Standards Singles


SS 316




Inconel 825



CDA 230 Red Brass

Ti Grade 12

Tungsten Carbide


22Kt Gold

Sterling Silver

Pure Platinum

Pure Palladium

Associations & Regulations

The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, Inc. is a vital resource in connecting members with recyclers that will fit their recycling needs.

FastMarkets uses rigorous pricing procedures, independent market experts, and unique market connections to provide the most up-to-date pricing and news for the metals and mining industries.

ScrapRegister is another great resource to keep your hand on the pulse of the global scrap industry. It is complete with industry news, marketplace offers and trades, as well as scrap and exchange metal pricing.

Scrap Monster is a trusted reporter in the scrap metal industry working hard to provide accurate and current news, prices, and information. They also connect buyers and sellers in different markets as well as plant trees.

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